Aurèle Mallais & Fils Ltée offers a multitude of services in different sectors such as government, industrial, commercial and residential. From a four-lane highway to simple residential landscaping, you can now find all of these services at the same location.

Aurèle Mallais & Fils Ltée offers a large variety of aggregate. Our product follows the standards established and are tested by a third party in a testing lab. The gravel, sand and screen rock are just some of the products we can provide. On a larger volume, we can personalize products to meet a client needs or to a specific projects standard. Other products can also be available by request. We also offer hauling of the products.

Aurèle Mallais & Fils Ltée offers snow removal services for municipal, commercial and institutions since the  late 90’s. Also, in certain regions we offer residential snow removal. A large variety of plow, snow-blower and grader service are also available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The services of spreading sand and salt are also available in  the regular season. Most of our contracts are coming from the public and private sector.  We cover the northern part of New-Brunswick.

Aurèle Mallais & Fils Ltée also offers harvesters and logging trucks across the Province. If it is for an access road for a new site, for a future industrial site or a private lot, we are available to provide this service. With newer trucks and more efficiency, we are ready for the next biggest challenge.

Aurèle Mallais & Fils Ltée also offers the floating of heavy equipment in Eastern Canada and in the North East of USA. We also have a walking floor for peat moss or for wood chips. If you can load it, we can move it!